Stuck For A Secret Santa Gift This Christmas?

Stuck for a secret Santa gift this Christmas? Look no further!

Its always tough to try and find a good secret Santa present without spending too much! Socks, Mugs sometimes even Calendars not really anything to get overly excited about, but with smuggle your booze you will be over the moon.

Our quirky range of products might look like a normal hair brush for example but it is far from it, with it having the ability to store the alcohol you wanted to try and sneak in to the works Christmas party!

Secret Santa gifts are always a little bit hard to buy as you don’t want to spend over the odds for something nice for somebody at work who you potentially might not like that much, but at the same time you don’t want it to be a terrible present! and that’s where the smuggle your booze range fits in perfectly with all products under £20 and sure to raise a giggle or two our product range might just be your secret Santa saviour this Christmas.

In our range we have :

  • Boobie Bags


  • Stealth Hairbrush Flask


  • Tampon Tubes


  • Twin Hand Cream Flasks


  • Suncream Flask


  • Umbrella Flask